Winter’s Day


By Kerri Kane after Ginger Cook
December 2018

Acrylic paints on stretched canvas.

Another painting created while learning from the amazing Ginger Cook. If anyone has ever thought about learning how to paint, please look her up! I feel like I’m sort of just starting out on my own painting journey and I think it’s sooo great that we can learn from people like Ginger, her daughter Cinnamon (the Art Sherpa, see the Cut Lemon with Grapes painting) and many others. It’s nice as we can go at our own pace. They of course, do their paintings all in one session usually. How do they do that! But for us, we can take our time, go as we need to. Often things come up, so you just hit pause in the “How To” video, keep track of where you left off, and then start right back up again when you can. And we can do this from the comfort of our own little home =D We be spoiled! I’m doing the same thing with my other interest which is voiceover. Currently looking into audiobooks…

So much to learn! It’s pretty neat!

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