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Kerri Kane
Today I paint!
Kerri Kane Van Gogh Doodle
My Van Gogh Doodle

Though I have doodled on and off through the years, it wasn’t anything I ever felt passion for. It was something I thought I could do, but something I didn’t necessarily feel like doing.

I know many other creative people are like this, writers, musicians. Sculptors. I’m not sure what changed, but now I find I have a need for painting. It’s wholly a part of me. Being able to spend time with the Masters is a special bonus. I’ll come to a point in what I’m painting, where I feel something needs to change or perhaps there should be some dark shape or color in a certain spot. I’ll look to my printout of the original masterpiece, and see that they had added pretty much the very thing I’d been thinking of. That unexpected connection brought tears to my eyes the first time it happened. I, had thought like them! It’s amazing being here in 2018, and still connecting with them in some way. I see tiny details of things they have in their paintings, I see reasons why they may have placed something where, why there’s light in that one spot, why an object was added to that right side. It’s a great way to learn, and that connection through time is, just wow!

I’ve dabbled a bit with colored pencils, oil pastels, and am currently in love with acrylics. At some point I will hopefully progress to oils, but for now acrylics are my medium of choice.

Anyways, thank YOU for stopping by and spending time with ME 😀

“I now consider myself to be at the beginning of the beginning of making something serious.”

— Vincent van Gogh,  December 23, 1881, to his brother Theo van Gogh