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Charcoal drawing of Van Gogh's View of Saintes-Maries
My Van Gogh doodle
Dali Museum
"Time" spent with Dalí

Hello and welcome!

Hey there, thanks for stopping by! Apparently this is an “About Me” page sooo 😬 here goes! Ok, well, I’ve always been interested in art. Art and animals. Two things that have been a good part of my life I guess, the most consistent. However writing this, it occurs to me that I don’t have many paintings of animals! Will need to remedy that at some point!! I’ve been painting on and off for years now, mostly using acrylic paints. Most all of the paintings on the site are done with acrylics. There’s some grrreat art instructors online, it’s nice because you can do things at your own pace that way. I guess in a way, it’s also easier to procrastinate 😁 However, I’ve recently started painting again, but this time I’m excited to be trying my hand at oil paints! Yaaay!

Finally decided to give them a go. Don’t know why I was so nervous about trying them. Why do we do that to ourselves sometimes?! Anyways, I think I might love them, but need to work with them some more, lots more! I did complete one painting so far done entirely with oils. An apple, oooh ahhh Hey, baby steps right? It’s on the TC site somewhere. Recently visited the Dalí museum in St. Petersburg. Wow, was he incredible or what?!! What a mind, with the skills to put that mind onto a canvas. They had a couple Renoirs, Monets, some other greats there as well and it was inspiring. That helps to go see the art, or whatever you think you might like to try. Go visit and see, listen, imagine.


“I now consider myself to be at the beginning of the beginning of making something serious.”

— Vincent van Gogh,  December 23, 1881, to his brother Theo van Gogh