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Charcoal drawing of Van Gogh's View of Saintes-Maries
My Van Gogh Doodle

Hello and welcome!

Finished painting the interior walls of our house (just don’t look at the ceilings, yup they’re beige – why oh why!!) and then sort of just didn’t feel like doing any other kind of painting for some reason 😆

Still pretty busy with other things in life at the moment, but do have three paintings at least started. Coconut man, the sunning Iguana, and an apple. But, but but the apple is with oils!

Finally decided to give them a go. Don’t know why I was so nervous about trying them. Silly me, why do we do that to ourselves sometimes?! Anyways, I think I might love them, but need to work with them some more no doubt.

Peace out and stay creative!

“I now consider myself to be at the beginning of the beginning of making something serious.”

— Vincent van Gogh,  December 23, 1881, to his brother Theo van Gogh