Quiet Harbor


By Kerri Kane
November 2018

This is a painting created from a day long ago, spent at 55 acres of beauty known as The Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia. Tired feet, but worth it! The gardens have over a million visitors each year and the garden itself is 100 years old.

This particular day was a warm breezy, summer day, but we have been there in winter and spring as well. In winter, they light up the park with holiday lights, carolers, an outside skating rink, hot cider and cocoa. It’s so pretty walking around with the lights sparkling while celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas. When we were there in the spring, we went on a bunny search. Ceramic bunnies are hidden throughout the gardens. You’re given a map to try and find them all. Once you find them, you win an Easter surprise. Fun with the kids or without!

The gardens are beautiful, no matter what season. I do believe we missed a season however. Fall!

Aack, now we have to go back =D

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