A Study of a Pair of Shoes

A Study of a Pair of Shoes

By Kerri Kane after Vincent Van Gogh

Acrylic paints on stretched canvas.

The dark leather boot appears a bit beaten up. The toe’s scuffed, the tongue is askew, the edges worn. Worn-out shoes might seem like an unusual choice of subject for a painting. Unlike other still life subjects however, shoes have been to all the places and have seen all of the struggles of their owner. To many, Van Gogh’s shoes with the worn and tired soles, could represent the rough life of the artist himself and the weathered journey he has endured. A Pair of Boots was painted by Vincent Van Gogh in Paris, early 1887. The original oil on canvas painting measures 41 cm W x 34 cm H inches and can be seen at the Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore.

There’s a particular place in our house where our shoes seem to gather & scuff about, and I thought this painting would be perfect for that very spot. There it hangs, higher than the shoes scattered willy-nilly on the floor, but one with them at the same time 😀

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